Friday, March 24, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Teen Party

We rented a local facility to host a youth outing on St. Paddy's Day. We tried our best to do some Irish dancing and played games. Gary was able to give an inspirational message on the life of St. Patrick. He challenged the teens and asked if they would be as willing to go and teach in a foreign country as he did. Gary quoted one of Patrick's prayers that showed his dedication and love for Christ. He reminded them that we are all saints in God's eyes if we have accepted His Son as our Saviour and Lord. The blood of the Lamb paid the full penalty and we have full access to God.

Lambing season in Ireland

We have been helping our friend Frank with his new lambs. What a joy to see these precious little ones and hear their bleating for mom when separated! We have remembered the scripture says, " all we like sheep have gone astray". We need a loving gentle Shepherd to guide us through life. As we learn more about sheep we see how vulnerable they are to disease and predators. The Shepherd is willing to lay down his life( and have no sleep) to accomplish the goal of caring for his flock. His dedication has been an inspiration to us!