Sunday, January 28, 2007

Future Site

What a wonderful beginning! God can do more than we ask or imagine, and we asked HIm to be with us as we seek to make this our future home for many activities. The upstairs will hold 60, the downstairs will have a multiple function and be useful for youth and children. In 1 Kings 8, Solomon dedicated the temple and we used this for our message..." May your eyes be open to this temple night and day, the place of which you said ' My Name shall be there, so that you will hear the prayer your servant prays.' May He be our Guide through the days ahead, and may His Name be praised!

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Corey Adams said...

Wow it looks like there are many exciting things happening over there. How is the weather over there? More rain than snow (like here in Upstate New York)in Ireland with the ocean. Keep up the good work spreading the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord